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Milk Monster was born in a tiny country village in England; Shamley Green. My husband and I have 3 little girls all of which have been breast fed and bottle fed with both breast milk and formula. We know from experience how hard it can be to keep track of the amount of time milk has been in a bottle or even keeping track of the active milk bottle when more than one bottle has milk in it! Particularly for night feeds!
As a sleep deprived mother I would make a bottle of formula or expressed breast milk which my babies would drink in numerous small sittings over several hours and I would not remember if the 2 hours (general defined period safe to drink a formula feed in the UK) or 5-6 hours (general rule for breast milk depending on climate, vulnerability of baby, and the health body that advises you) had passed or not. As a consequence I would end up discarding the bottle which may have still been safe to use or worse, unknowingly giving unsafe milk to my baby.
As a mother who has spent a lot of time expressing it can be devastating when discarding valuable breast milk in case it was no longer safe because I was too tired and busy to remember when it was expressed or because I had not cleared away an old bottle and wasn’t sure which was the active one! The night hours were a particular problem in our experience as we would prepare a feed when our baby woke and for the next feed we would not remember when we had prepared the previous feed after sleeping.
The product “Milk Monster” addresses this very issue of wasting milk and much worse, giving unsafe milk to babies. We had tried to find something ourselves to solve this safety issue and couldn’t find anything on the market to solve this problem and furthermore discovered we weren’t alone with a vast amount of chat on the internet with people having the same problem or worse asking for advice after their baby had unwittingly been given old milk and become sick as a result. We decided to do something about this safety issue and came up with the innovative concept of Milk Monster!
Our youngest baby has been our main tester for our prototypes and she has enjoyed having the monsters on her milk! The name of ‘Milk Monster’ was created from myself and my husband calling all three of our babies ‘the Milk Monster’ because although they all drank in small doses they all loved their milk! The 4 Milk Monstercharacters have been designed in vibrant colours for fun distinctive characters. Our monster characters were named and voted for by our Facebook community; Piim, Tej, Susu and Meiko (Milk in 4 different languages).
There is no other product on the market globally that solves this safety issue – the patented Milk Monster with its registered design and trademark is a one of a kind innovation!
We hope you love our product as much as we do! We hope to bring more products to market soon!

We are pleased to have been accepted for the BPA – Baby Products Association