When you decide to have a baby, the thought of getting up a couple of times in the night may not seem too bad, however the reality of being on call 24 hours a day can be a lot more daunting than you ever imagined. However following these tips and tricks will help to make the early-morning feeds as pleasant as possible.

Stick to a routine

When a baby’s routine is disturbed, it can cause havoc for both you and them. Making sure you feed them at the same time every day will help to establish a routine. This maximises the chances baby will sleep through for longer.

Get organised

Whether you’re breast feeding or formula feeding, being organised is key. Keeping towels, muslin, bottles and nappies at the side of the bed is the best way to ensure you’ll never have to go anywhere when the inevitable happens.

Get some R&R in the day

One of the best pieces of advice is to ‘sleep when your baby is sleeping’. Getting as much rest as you can during the day will make the whole process of 2am feed much more pleasant. If you have another child to take care of during the day and this isn’t possible, letting them watch a film for an hour or so every so often will give you a bit of respite to recharge your batteries.

Keep them close

Many parents keep their baby in the same room with them until they are sleeping through. However if you don’t want to do that, putting them in the next room will make sure that when the hungry cries come, you won’t need to trudge down the hall to greet them every couple of hours.

Keep bed clothing soft and easily accessible

If you’re breastfeeding, soft pyjamas or a nightgown that opens down the front rather than one that pulls up or down will give you swifter access when night-time feeds occur. And if you’re formula feeding, soft, comfortable nightwear will ensure that you are able to drift off back to sleep easier when you return to bed.

It’s also important to remember that it’s not forever and it will get easier. One day you will wake up and realise that you’ve managed to sleep through without disruption.

What are your tips for getting a good night’s sleep with a baby?

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